Mar 16, 2012

Taking ReCharge! Home: Reflections from 2011 Delegate Julie Paul

Julie Paul represented the Innovator quadrant at the 2011 ReCharge! Retreat. She is in the graduate program at Tufts University, studying chemical engineering. Below Julie shares her reflections on the retreat, and how the lessons from ReCharge! resonate throughout her life six months later. 

As the name suggests, the ReCharge! Retreat was truly revitalizing for me. Experiencing the large scale magnitudes of a coal plant, a wind farm, and a low impact hydropower plant up close and personal covers only a fraction of what I have learned on Mt. Hood. I discovered the importance of rest and reflection. The exhilaration from being surrounded by people who come from different walks of life and can be brought together and united by a single cause. I was taught to tell my story in a way in which I would be able to truly connect with my audience. Above all I learned to get my hands dirty with work that needs to be done, to follow my passions without reservation, and that true commitment means giving for the sake of giving. I have been grateful enough to apply these lessons in my life since the retreat seven months ago. I followed my passion of singing by being in a Christmas concert choir, my interest in clean energy through my involvement with the Tufts Energy Conference 2012 and my MS thesis topic, and desire for rest by choosing to take my spring break off in the Grand Canyon. My life has been enriched by my experience with Focus the Nation and I look forward to what the future holds. 

Julie Paul, 2011 ReCharge! Retreat Delegate

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