May 11, 2012

We're Almost to 100!

UPDATE: "The Watt" has been selected as an innovative project by GOOD Magazine's "Innovate Earth Day for GOOD" Challenge. Head over to GOOD and vote for "The Watt!" 

99: The number of red balloons, drinks on the wall, and the number of Kickstarter backers we have! That's right folks, we're almost to 100 Kickstarter backers! Since launching our campaign five days ago, we're reached almost a quarter of our fundraising goal! We're very thankful for those of you who have been able to give. What's even more exciting though has been the outpouring of support for The Watt. We understand that not everyone is able to contribute financially, but you've made your enthusiasm clear with notes of support, Facebook likes, Twitter shares, and Google+ posts. We take this as a sign that energy literacy is high on the agenda, and an issue people are passionate about both domestically and abroad. (Big shout out to the folks who have been translating and reposting our Twitter posts! How awesome! I now know how to say energy literacy in a variety of languages.) We work around the clock here at Focus the Nation because we believe that creating clean energy leaders is the way to the sustainable energy future, and it's clear that you agree! 
How can you help fight energy illiteracy? 
  • There's still time to donate! Our campaign is live for 25 more days!
  • Share "The Watt" Kickstarter campaign with your friends and family via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+
  • If you're uneasy about this whole "social media" thing, pick up the phone and share the good news. 
  • Test your friends' energy knowledge. If you're scratching your heads over terms like "quads," "parabolic trough," "MMBtu," it's time to get serious about energy literacy! (If you're a college student struggling with energy literacy, sign up for next year's F2A program!) 
Thank you for your incredible support of The Watt. Together we can combat energy illiteracy! 

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