May 22, 2012

NY Times and Earth Techling coverage of "The Watt"

We're just over the half-way point of our Kickstarter campaign and word is getting out about The Watt: An Energy 101 Primer. Andrew Revkin of The New York Times shared Clean Energy 101 resources, while Earth Techling opened with this sobering statistic: 

"A few years ago, the National Environmental Education Foundation conducted a survey of 1,503 American adults about energy. Although 75 percent of those surveyed said they knew 'a fair amount' or 'a lot' about energy, only 12 percent could correctly answer seven or more questions on a 10-question energy quiz."

If there's ever a time for a serious energy literacy campaign, this is it.

"That means there’s a big need for Americans to become more educated about what energy actually is, how it powers our lives, what problems it causes, what problems it solves and — perhaps most importantly — the enormous scale of our energy challenges. That’s where The Watt? comes in."  

Read more at Earth Techling

Still 14 days to help support The Watt on Kickstarter!



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