Event Details

Feb 15, 2012
From 03:00 PM to 07:00 PM
The Negawatt Summit: Catalyzing Energy Conservation in our Community
Location: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Through Focus the Nation’s Forums-to-Action Program, a multidisciplinary group of UW-Madison students is planning a clean energy forum for February 15th, 2012 from 3-7pm in Union South, Varsity Hall. This year’s event titled The Negawatt Summit: Catalyzing Energy Conservation in our Community will focus on ways the campus and Madison community can speed adoption of energy efficiency and conservation measures in buildings. Students and campus leaders will come together with energy experts, business leaders, and elected officials to identify roadblocks and solutions in this effort to pick the low hanging fruit in energy efficiency. One panel session will seek innovative solutions to get more rental property owners investing in energy efficiency retrofits. A brainstorming session over dinner will inform an action plan which students will implement over the next semester(s). This event represents a great opportunity for the campus and Madison community to come together in addressing an issue of great import.

Event Follow Up

The Focus Wisconsin's Clean Energy Forum, The Negawatt Summit: Catalyzing Energy Conservation In Our Community, focused their conversations around the roadblocks and solutions associated with reducing energy use in multi-family residential properties. The main roadblock is twofold: First, there are many rental properties that waste a lot of energy. Second, there are few good incentives for owners or renters to make their properties more energy efficient.  
    At the forum, it was decided that the best solution would be to create a program to give incentives to owners and renters to make more environmentally friendly choices. This includes ways to make properties more energy efficient and to encourage occupants to make smart, eco-friendly decisions. The solution should also incorporate ways to make it easier for renters to know about the efficiency levels of apartments they are thinking about renting.
    Check out the UW-Madison Project page for more information on how the Focus Wisconsin team and their partners are turning their roadblocks and solutions into local community project!



  FC Joel Charles moderates the panel conversation with local energy leaders.          

 The "Negawatt Summit Idea Space" is used to collect possible Solutions.

Event Speakers

Mark Faultersack

Manager - Multifamily Services

Madison Gas and Electric Company (MGE)

Mark has more than 31 years of experience working at Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) with the residential, commercial and multifamily sectors. His duties include advising multifamily customers on energy use and rates, conducting customer training seminars and advising developers, architects and contractors on new construction projects. He also works with hvac, lighting and plumbing contractors to match appropriate technologies to particular projects. 

Through MGE’s Neighborhood Revitalization Grants, Mark has been instrumental in the successful energy-efficient design on projects for the City of Madison, Stonehouse Development, Nakoma Development, the Oakbrook Corporation and Commonwealth Development. He has contributed to Home Energy magazine and has recently finished phase two of MGE’s Multifamily Energy Benchmark Study.

Steve Holzhauer (Keynote Speaker)

Managing Principal

Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA)

Steve Holzhauer is a Madison architect and managing principal of Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA).  Educated and trained in Milwaukee, he moved to Madison in 2005 to open and establish the firm’s office here at 222 West Washington Avenue.

Steve has a strong passion for planning and building good, high-performing buildings.  In the last several years he and his local team designed award-winning projects for PIKE Technologies, Whitewater Technology Center, and the Green Technology Training and Enterprise Center in Plain.  Committed to energy-conscious design, he and his firm are presently planning uniquely green projects, often within the urban fabric.  These projects are especially important as the revitalize neighborhoods and provide visual lessons for people, young and old.  To quote Steve, “There is undeniable pride in rebuilding neighborhoods and reconnecting the urban fabric in ways that truly affect people’s lives and invigorate their awareness to good, well-conceived and sustainable design.”

Steve was educated at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee where he earned his Master of Architecture degree in 1985.  In 2007 he became a LEED Accredited Professional and has been involved in numerous LEED Certified buildings and high-performing sustainable projects.

His Madison staff has grown from 8 in 2005 to 17 professional today.  The firm is presently planning unique projects throughout Madison and Wisconsin

Nancy Jensen

Executive Director

Apartment Association of South Central Wisconsin

Nancy Jensen is the Executive Director of the Apartment Association of South Central WI (AASCW), with offices located in Madison, WI. The association represents approximately 1,000 rental property owners-- public and private, non profit and for profit—and several hundred vendors to the rental housing industry. Ms. Jensen has worked with Wisconsin utilities, Wisconsin River Power Company, Wisconsin Public Power, Inc.; residential and commercial construction trade associations; and business relationships/government affairs for the Mayor of St. Louis, MO.


Torrance Kramer

Multifamily Energy Advisor

Focus on Energy

Torrance Kramer is a Multifamily Energy Advisor for Wisconsin's Focus on Energy program.  He has been involved in testing, researching, and promoting energy efficiency in small to large existing and new construction residential buildings for nearly a decade.  Torrance has led the field work on multiple ENERGY STAR Multifamily High Rise buildings.  He has assisted in the creation of multiple Multifamily and Single Family utility rebate programs and weather assistance programs, including specification manuals and field protocols.

Seth Nowak


Madison Green Property Owners Association

For 25 years, Seth promoted and managed cooperative rental housing as a sustainable and affordable approach to community living – an approach which obviates the split-incentive problem, because the tenants are the owners. In 2010, he bought his first two-unit rental property and has been retrofitting it to make it greener and more energy-efficient ever since. He is currently developing a group of and for rental property owners committed to sustainability and energy efficiency. Seth is a Senior Policy Analyst at the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, where he specializes in utility energy efficiency policy and program research. He holds an MBA from the Wisconsin School of Business, an MPA from the La Follette School of Public Affairs, and a Certificate in Energy Analysis and Policy from the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.


Scott Resnick


Madison Common Council

Alderperson Scott Resnick was elected to the Madison Common Council on April 5, 2011. Graduating in the Spring of 2009 with a degree in political science and legal studies from UW-Madison, Resnick represents a large portion of UW-Madison undergraduates who live in the Spring Street neighborhood, lower Langdon, and all UW dormitories. He currently is a member of the Housing Committee, among others.

Professionally, Scott is the vice president of Hardin Design & Development, a web application company located in downtown Madison. He also is an active member of Capital Entrepreneurs and works with many start-up and new businesses from the University.

Charles Warner

Residential Services Specialist

Madison Gas and Electric Company (MGE)

As a Residential Services specialist at Madison Gas and Electric Company, Charles is involved in a number of programs and services that help MGE customers save energy. He works primarily with senior citizens, renters and students, advising each group on a variety of energy efficiency and conservation topics. Prior to joining MGE in 2007, Charles worked as a Program Services manager at Energy Services, Inc., a non-profit agency that administers federal and state energy assistance funds to households in fourteen Wisconsin counties. He also serves on the board of directors and advisory committees for a handful of community organizations including EnAct, the North/Eastside Senior Coalition and the Home Buyers Round Table of Dane County.