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Focus the Nation approaches our clean energy leadership development programming through our Collaboration Quadrants model.  Our proven approach to working with young people on this issue centers entirely around what role they will play in America’s transition to clean energy prosperity. All FTN programming builds collaborative teams of four types of students whose skill sets are critical to accelerating local and national solutions. What's your FOCUS?



Technicians need opportunities to build and maintain the infrastructure of solutions



Innovators need opportunities to create and demonstrate the power of new ideas



Politicos need opportunities to craft and advocate for policies that drive a transformative public agenda



Storytellers need opportunities and content to shape the narrative of their generation's engagement with the clean energy transition


Forums-to-Action is a dynamic program that develops new student leaders to drive solution oriented clean energy collaborations between their campuses and communities.

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Focus the Nation selects and funds 20 rising clean energy leaders; 5 each in our Collaboration Quadrants of Technicians, Innovators, Politicos and Storytellers to spend one week together on Mt. Hood every August. These 20 ReCharge! Delegates viscerally experience an area of the country where energy is accelerating toward renewables. The Delegates explore the deeper set of skills that they'll need to stay committed to clean energy throughout the entirety of their careers while collaborating with their critical multi-sector counterparts.

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Funding and support for the highly entreprenuerial young leader looking to launch innovative social ventures. 

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